We take in consideration your point of reference at this time of your life such as stress level, physical condition, time available as well as your Intention, goals, and your vision, your goal to create a program that will best suit You!

DHARMI-YOGA® is an insightful practice of intention, leading you to balance the five bodies: breath/mind, strength/confidence, emotion/relationships, grounding/physical, and spiritual.

We offer mainly private classes. Contact us for more info

In October 2018, Christelle Chopard (Amarun), founder of Dharmi-Yoga is leading a series of 4 Classes at State of Yoga, Miami, FL.

Tuesdays 2, 9, 16, 23 October at 7:00AM

Each class offers a specific guidance to balance with the Lunar Cycle.


A dharmic experience based on intention to balance the five bodies and elements with grace, compassion and dedication. Each practice supports the alignment with the moon cycle, balancing Shakti’s energy.
2 October: Waning Moon – creating space
Clearing your energy and releasing stress in all five bodies through yoga meditation and asanas.
9 October: New Moon – renewal
Awakening a new light with clarity and positive intention. Yoga meditation and asanas to balance the five elements.
16 October: Waxing Moon – manifestation
Embodiment of your intention in all five bodies through yoga meditation and asanas.
23 October: Full Moon – contentment
Celebrate the inner beauty and shine with confidence through yoga meditation and asanas.
For RSVP: +1-786-301-7324 or info@dharmi.com $20 per class ($10 for Miami Beach Residents)