Immersion – Specific Training – RYT200 and RYT500

Christelle Chopard has more than two decades or experience as holistic consultant, healer and coach. She is the founder of DHARMI -Method, and -YOGA, RYS-500. She is Author and Speaker as expert in holistic stress management, inspiration and motivation.

She leads continuing education (CEU) and yoga teacher trainings (RYT-500) accredited by Yoga Alliance. To support a holistic and integrative approach, her programs are mainly offered one-on-one.

She is E-RYT500, holistic therapist and consultant for more than 20 years with practice in different cultures on six continents.

This holistic approach requires a time for introspection, personal experience and self development through a first Immersion. People who are already Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT), can join the Immersion as a Specific Training in Dharmi-Yoga, to add to their curriculum, and to receive CEU accredited by YogaAlliance.

The next Continuing Education Online Training is a series of 5 Classes

Program accredited by Yoga Alliance YACEP

March 13 to April 24 

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55 hours Immersion / Specific Training with CEU

This Holistic Experience based on nature’s wisdom (the five elements) supports your wellbeing, balance, confidence and manifestation of your true purpose.

The program includes:

Air: Philosophy, ethics, breath, focus

Fire: Motivation, persistence, direction, confidence

Water: Channeling the emotions, flow, connectedness/nadis

Earth: Embodiment, structure, foundation, bandhas

Ether: Alignment, integration, intention

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DHARMI-YOGA® Teacher Training

Accredited by Yoga Alliance – RYS 200 + RYS 500

The program includes: philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, practicum, ethics, techniques, training and manual.

  • Five Elements, Immersion and Asanas (yoga postures)
  • Ethics, 8 Limbs of Yoga and Asanas
  • Conscious Communication, Focus and Intention with Asanas
  • Holistic Development and Asanas
  • Holistic Foot Analysis, Guidance and Asanas
  • Clarity, Meditation and Asanas (Air Element)
  • Hips 7 directions, Foundation and Asanas (Earth Element)
  • Flow, Emotions and Asanas (Water Element)
  • Confidence, Leadership and asanas (Fire Element)
  • Healing, Balancing and asanas
  • Integration, Mastery with asanas (Ether Element)

Where are the teachings & practices taught?

DHARMI Institute, 601 NE 23rd Street #CU-2, Miami, FL, 33137

On special request we can also tailor the program at your location.

Contact us for the one-on-one training to support a holistic and integrative Journey: RYT-200 or RYT-500

Call: +1-786-529-5588


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